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Rome is the perfect choice for a stay dedicated to culture. Thanks to its immense archaeological heritage and numerous exhibition spaces, every day there is a new exhibition to visit or an event to attend.

The Hotel Raffaello is located in the heart of Rome, near the Termini Station. From our 3-star hotel you can easily reach the main points of interest in the city.

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Secret Impressionists

Palazzo Bonaparte

From 6.10.2019 to 7.03.2020

Among the rooms of the new Rome exhibition space - Generali Valore Cultura - over 50 works will be exhibited by artists including Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Pissarro, Sisley, Caillebotte, Morisot, Gonzales, Gauguin, Signac, Van Rysselberghe and Cross. Treasures hidden from the wider public, from private collections rarely accessible and exceptionally granted for the exhibition organized by Arthemisia.

Info: http://www.mostrepalazzobonaparte.it/

Palazzo Bonaparte - Piazza Venezia

From 24.12.2019 to 19.04.2020

An exhibition-event for children and enthusiasts of all ages.

In a play of colors and perspectives, the exhibition presents very small scale reproductions of fantastic worlds made with the most famous bricks in the world. From the frenzy of the contemporary city to the legendary adventures of pirates, from medieval landscapes to the splendors of Ancient Rome with a faithful reconstruction of the Forum of Augustus, children and adults can immerse themselves in the various environments meticulously reconstructed and designed by RomaBrick, one of the Lego User Oldest group in Europe.

Info: www.mostrepalazzobonaparte.it

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