Christmas 2024: what to do in Rome

Christmas markets

The Christmas markets in Rome offer an unforgettable experience during the winter festivities. The streets from Piazza Navona to Piazza di Spagna come alive with stalls selling handicrafts, handmade Christmas decorations and gastronomic delights. The scents of cinnamon and mulled wine envelop you as you soak up the festive atmosphere, with Christmas music filling the air. It is the perfect place to find unique gifts or simply to spend time with friends. Experiencing this thousand-year-old tradition in Rome is an opportunity not to be missed.

Masses during the Christmas period

Explore the masses during the Christmas season in Rome! Churches offer liturgical services celebrating Christmas. From midnight masses to Christmas Day masses, each service is enriched by the choirs and the atmosphere of the churches. Some places offer masses in different languages. Participate and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of Christmas.

Ice skating

Experience the thrill of ice skating in Rome during Christmas! The squares become skating rinks, offering a fun experience for the whole family. Surrounded by Christmas lights and music, you can skate under the stars. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is an engaging activity that will make you feel the Christmas spirit. Come with friends and family and create special memories as you skate in Rome at the most magical time of the year.

Nativity scenes

Discover the nativity scenes in Rome during Christmas! The nativity scene at the Vatican, in St Peter's Square, conveys sacredness next to the Christmas tree. In the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the 13th-century nativity scene offers an immersion into Christian history. Don't miss these masterpieces during the magical season in Rome.

Christmas World

Welcome to Christmas World at Villa Borghese, where the magic of Christmas comes to life in Rome! This event transforms the park into a Christmas wonderland, offering an unforgettable experience. With twinkling lights and enchanting decorations, you can immerse yourself in the joy of the festivities. You will find theatre performances, concerts, markets and more. It is perfect for creating magical memories with friends and family during Christmas.

During the holidays, Rome becomes a true Christmas paradise, where the streets and squares come alive with lights, colours and sounds. Don't miss the opportunity to discover Rome during the most magical time of the year. Plan your trip to the capital now and choose our hotels for your stay.

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