Tramonti Rooftop Bar

The Rooftop of the Hotel Raffaello

From 5pm to 11pm*



In the picturesque heart of the Monti district, a unique and fascinating place rises above the eternal city: it is the rooftop 'Tramonti' of the Hotel Raffaello. The idea of the name 'Tramonti' comes from the combination of the magic of words, the charm of the views and the art of Raffaello, which intertwine with each other like the streets of this ancient quarter.


The name 'Tramonti' is in fact primarily a fascinating play on words that links the unique experience offered by the rooftop with its privileged location in the Monti district. The union of the words "Tra" and "Monti" not only recalls the geography of the district, but underlines the invitation to immerse oneself in its streets and stories. 'Tramonti' thus becomes a destination to be lived, an experience that winds its way through the alleys and treasures of Rome's oldest district.


But Tramonti is at the same time a reminder of the opportunity the rooftop offers to enjoy the view of splendid sunsets that paint the sky of Rome in warm and enveloping tones. It becomes a unique and privileged place to enjoy the natural spectacles that the sunset offers every evening over the eternal city.


Finally, around the name of the rooftop of the Hotel Raffaello there is a more hidden and romantic meaning, but for this reason just as fascinating. It is linked to a great but lesser known passion of the famous painter Raphael, that of poetry and precisely that of sunsets, which inspired his unique collection of sonnets entitled "Venni al tramonto" (I came at sunset). Thus, the rooftop "Tramonti" becomes a tribute to the link between art, poetry and nature, an invitation to contemplate beauty in all its nuances in the heart of Rome, two steps away from the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum.


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