Cosa vedere a Roma - Fori Imperiali - Hotel Raffaello Roma 3 stelle

Imperial Fora

An incredible archaeological heritage

What to see in Rome - Imperial Fora - Hotel Raffaello Rome 3-Star

A walk through history! This is the feeling you get when you go along the huge archaeological site of the Imperial Fora. The incredible complex located in the heart of Rome consists of squares and monuments built at the time of the Emperors.

The Imperial Fora are located just a few minutes walk from the Hotel Raffaello and they can be reached via the characteristic Rione Monti. Alternatively, just outside the hotel, there is the bus stop 75 which in only 3 stops will allow you to reach the Fora. Staying in our 3-star hotel in the center of Rome you will have the most beautiful Roman sights and monuments at your fingertips!

The area is composed of the Forum of Caesar, the Forum of Augustus, the Temple of Peace, the Forum of Nerva and the Forum of Trajan. Everything is connected by the panoramic Via dei Fori Imperiali that connects the archaeological site to the imposing Colosseum, symbol of Rome.

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